Value & Advantages
How It Works
Your Home Control

Power Your Home

A home battery designed to store clean energy, so you can use it anytime you want—at night or during an outage.

How It Works

Energy Conservation

Paired with a solar panel system, the revolutionary SmartWall stores excess energy for later use while reducing energy consumption when no one is home.

A Reliable Backup

The high-performing SmartWall preserves energy consumption, providing access to reserved power in outages or in case of emergency. Efficiency is key to IONiX Pro, and with this cutting-edge technology, you have the autonomy to power your own home.



IONiX Pro SmartWall:

Value & Advantages

Patented Battery Cell Rebalancing Interface = 10x Longer LifeSpan than leading competitors

Safe, Stable, Non Combustible, and Environmentally Friendly

Lithium Iron Phosphate composition holds charge 85% longer than lead batteries.

Withstands Significant Temperature Variation

Parallel Connection of Multiple SmartWalls allows for capacity up to 130KW/H

No Rare Earth or Toxic Metals — Created With Lower Mining Emissions

Artificial Intelligence Driven Patented Battery Management System

Sleek State of the Art Custom Design for Aesthetically Pleasing Home Use

Up to 8 SmartWalls can be connected in parallel increasing the capacity to ~130KW/H

Your Home Control In Your Hands

The SmartWall empowers the modern homeowner with the necessary tools to monitor and manage their home energy consumption. Optimize your energy expenditure in real-time with our cloud-based battery management technology.


$20Billion in Health-Related Problems

Cutting nationwide energy consumption by 15 percent for one year via efficiency measures could help save six American lives a day and avoid up to $20 billion in health-related problems.

National Resources Defense Council


Houses optimized with energy-efficiency technology can rise in value by between 10 and 14%.



The Energy Storage Systems market size is projected to reach USD $31.47Billion by 2027.