The future is smart

Technology that goes where you do, ensuring you always have access. Designed to provide clean energy you can feel good about.

The Modern Solution

Sleek, sophisticated battery infrastructure, a revolutionary technology that enables the user to preserve and control energy throughout every aspect of their life. IoniX Pro transforms or converts green energy to attainable energy, with more autonomy and fewer restrictions.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our battery systems are scalable and smart, outperforming competitors in the market. With remote diagnostics and peak shaving hours, we provide clean energy when and where you need it.

A Safer Alternative

Our AI technology, BMS, and safety features exceed the performance of competitors in the market.

Trilogy EV
EV Smart Charger
RV Freedom
TITAN EnergyCore
Market In Its Infancy
Investment Opportunity

IoniX Pro Products:

Trilogy Vision Line

A sleek 3-wheel EV line, with industry-first safety features, patented BMS and advanced eco technology, coming to the market in 2023.

IoniX Pro Products:

Home SmartWall

A home battery designed to store clean energy so it is at your fingertips when you need it – at night, during peak usage or even during an outage.

IoniX Pro Products:

EV Smart Charger

Designed to outperform existing charging stations with remote monitoring, drawing from the battery during peak rate times and recharging during off-peak hours.

IoniX Pro Products:

RV Freedom

Experience true freedom with the most cost-effective and reliable solution available. Clean energy that goes where you do and is available when you need it.

IoniX Pro Products:

TITAN EnergyCore

The most advanced energy storage solution available on the market. Featuring remote diagnostics, repairs and peak shaving hours.

The Market Is
In Its Infancy

The Electric Vehicle (EV) and Energy Storage Systems (ESS) markets are experiencing exponential growth as the need for clean energy solutions escalates on a global scale.

In 2020, battery storage, smart grid and energy efficiency companies brought in

$ 0 Billion
Forbes Magazine

By 2035, The Energy Storage Market Will Hit

$ 0 Billion
Power Magazine

By 2040, the number of electric vehicles will rise to

0 Million
“Utilizing advanced battery management systems and artificial intelligence, we are developing revolutionary technology today to support the EV battery infrastructure of tomorrow “
Robert Abenante, Chief Innovation Officer and Managing Director

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