Trilogy Vision
Trilogy Vision X
EV Market

Trilogy Vision Line

A sleek 3-wheel EV line, with industry-first safety features, patented BMS and advanced eco technology, coming to the market in 2023.

Trilogy EV (Black)

Trilogy Vision​

Launching the everyday commuter into the future; this three-wheel, two-seater EV will have a top speed of 85 mph, provide up to 185 miles of range, and feature IoniX Pro AI-powered battery system with a charge time of under one hour.

Trilogy Vision X

The Smart Supercar – this three-wheel, autonomous-enable convertible will accelerate 0-60 mph in 1.8 seconds, provide up to 300 miles of range, and have 5G connectivity, as well as smart data capabilities that enhance rider experience. Featuring the IoniX Pro AI-powered battery system, the Vision X will have a charge time of under one hour.

Built with IoniX Pro's Patented BMS & inherently stable, industry safest, non-combustible LiFePO4 battery

Options for GPS tracking, Autonomous Driving, and Solar Charging capabilities

4 cameras for 360 Vision

Advanced safety technology and tech interface capabilities

Electric Vehicle (EV) market is projected to be worth

$ 0 Trillion
by 2027