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The Future Is Smart
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IoniX Pro by Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies Corp is the new standard for patented Battery Management Systems (BMS). We build adaptable and scalable smart energy solutions for the growing Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage Solutions markets.


A home battery designed to store clean energy so it is at your fingertips when you need it – at night, during peak usage or even during an outage.

EV Smart Charger

Designed to outperform existing charging stations with remote monitoring, drawing from the battery during peak rate times and recharging during off-peak hours.

RV Freedom

Experience true freedom with the most cost-effective and reliable solution available. Clean energy that goes where you do and is available when you need it.

TITAN EnergyCore

The most advanced energy storage solution available on the market. Featuring remote diagnostic, repair and peak shaving hours.

We are backed by a team of industry experts that worked with the biggest names in the energy industry. We have the knowledge, power and resources required to meet the modern consumer’s needs while continually innovating our workflows and product development.

In 2020, battery storage, smart grid and energy efficiency companies brought in

$ 0 Billion
Forbes Magazine

By 2035, The Energy Storage Market Will Hit

$ 0 Billion
Power Magazine

By 2040, the number of electric vehicles will rise to

0 Million

The Future
Is Smart

Technology is a way of life for the modern consumer. IoniX Pro sets the standard for energy management.

As consumers begin making the change to smart technology, they will be met with limitations on better managing their lives. With IoniX Pro, they can experience what an optimized lifestyle is: seamless and green.

Board of Directors

Bryson Goodwin

President and CEO

Taryn Stemp

Corporate Secretary

Maryam Amin

Shanjani, CFO

Cedric Wilson


Tjalling DeJong


Victor Hui-Fai Ho


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